Bending Oaks was founded in 1985 by a group of teachers who wanted to create a unique educational environment with individual attention that inspires students to enjoy learning.

I love Bending Oaks. I moved my daughter from a large suburban school to Bending Oaks. She could not handle the class size or pressure of the large schools. Bending Oaks has a laid back atmosphere and small classes that made a huge difference for us. However, do not confuse “laid back” with easy. In fact, in some of her classes the more individualized attention required more work because more was expected. But she was able to succeed because the learning atmosphere was more conducive to her style. I doubt she’d be graduating if we had kept her where she was.

Our small class sizes allow teachers to assess and assist students individually, as well as to evaluate student achievement based on multiple factors, such as participation in class discussion and oral testing in addition to homework and classwork assignments.

Teachers also have the ability to present material in multiple ways to reach all learning styles, and to provide individual attention during class on a regular basis. Our teachers strive to serve the needs of every student, whatever those needs may be.

Our program provides individual attention, while incorporating the sharing of ideas, in a small group setting.

Our program provides individual attention, while incorporating the sharing of ideas, in a small group setting.

Bending Oaks follows a regular weekly schedule with all seven periods meeting daily for 40 minutes with a five minute passing period between classes. Lunch is also 40 minutes, with an optional 20 minutes off-campus time. Students have access to a kitchen with a fridge, microwave oven, toaster-even, etc. Plus food delivery services are also welcome:


Our Daily Schedule

First Period - 9:00-9:40
Second Period - 9:45-10:25
Third Period - 10:30-11:10
Fourth Period - 11:15-11:55

LUNCH 11:55-12:35 - Off-campus time 11:55-12:15

Fifth Period - 12:35-1:15
Sixth Period - 1:20-2:00
Seventh Period - 2:05-2:45

We never miss a chance to get out and play. Tons of field trips keeps us happy, healthy and on-track.

We never miss a chance to get out and play. Tons of field trips keeps us happy, healthy and on-track.

Most students’ grades improve dramatically at Bending Oaks. We find that the students respond quickly to our school culture and teaching approach, as well as the reduced load of busywork that larger schools require for assessing mastery.

Our students report they are excited to attend school, sometimes for the first time in their lives, and that school can even be fun. Some who once considered dropping out begin to see education as valuable and desirable, and begin planning for college as they feel more competent.

Stress levels are greatly reduced as issues are resolved quickly and attention is given when it is needed. Some students on medication for ADHD, depression, or anxiety are even able to reduce or eliminate their dosage, as we have fewer triggers than traditional school environments.

Did we mention Band?

Modern Band Class | VIDEO from our HOLIDAY 2016 SHOW

You won’t find another High School Music Class as unique as ours. Our band room is set up like a practice studio for a rock band. Our young musicians learn songs which they choose themselves. Class time is spent learning songs and practicing for concerts. At Bending Oaks our band class is powered by the students - if they want to play a song - then we'll play it!

The most memorable part of the school year for me was the first semester band performance. It was there that I first felt the impact of the change the school has had on me as a person. I enjoyed it, but more than that, I will remember it as something that was a positive impact on me.
— Student Tyler

Homework Policy

Homework has long been a source of stress and conflict for many students and their families.

We have a homework program that is designed to keep students in the habit of making time for necessary independent schoolwork and practicing organization, time management, and accountability.

Students will be assigned a task each night, Monday through Thursday, to be completed outside of school hours. 

Each night is designated for a specific subject: 

  • Monday night will be a Math assignment

  • Tuesday night is English

  • Wednesday night is History

  • Thursday night is Science.

  • Students in French or Spanish will also have an assignment on Monday night in addition to their Math work.

Each task is designed to take 20-30 minutes to complete and must be emailed to the teacher by 9:00 am the next morning.

Students who do not turn in their work by 9:00 am will stay on campus at lunch that day and complete the task at that time.

Homework is between the student and teacher, and the Principal releases all parents from any role or responsibility aside from encouragement.


When choosing a school accreditation plays an important part in your decision making process. Bending Oaks High School is Accredited by AdvancED, and has been since we were founded in 1985. 

AdvancED accredits some of the finest colleges and schools in the United States and the world. Accreditation by AdvancED ensures that course credit given by Bending Oaks High School will be accepted by all schools and colleges.

Why accreditation matters

Accreditation is designed to help educational institutions boost their ongoing performance efforts for the benefit of their students. AdvancED insists on a relentless pursuit of excellence – for itself and for the institutions it accredits. 

This ethic of excellence ensures that institutions will find rich benefits from accreditation and that parents can confidently make informed decisions about their children’s education, knowing their child’s school is accredited. Accreditation matters because our students deserve the highest level of educational excellence possible. It will also make it easier to transfer credits from one school to another

Late Enrollment | It's never too late 

At Bending Oaks High School we offer late enrollment. If a student has fallen too far behind, or is just not suited to a particular program, Bending Oaks may be able to help. 

Our smaller classes enable the teacher in this situation extra time so that the student can get caught up, without the need to redo the entire semester. Contact Ande to discuss Admissions. 

As a delightful but somewhat ‘quirky’ child, my daughter struggled socially in public junior high. Bending Oaks has a warm and accepting ethos that has contributed greatly to her increased self-confidence this year. She is more comfortable in her own skin than we have ever seen her; that is a priceless gift that she receives daily from Bending Oaks.